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[Private Home Sauna) This portable infrared two person SPA set can service for a long time in your home and save your money to pay to gym or beauty salon, and it can be moved from one room to another effortless

(Easy Assemble) Only 5 minites to set up, metal pipe structure is stable and not easily deformed, our 1600 watt infrared sauna kit have three carbon heating panels and can reach a max temp in short time

( Large Space) The expanded size of the tent is 47.28" x 35.46" x 55" when set up, large enough to enjoy your healthy personal sauna time with your families or friends at home. It like a traditional sauna, but more portable, no longer have to face any shortcomings of traditional saunas

[ All in One) Our 1 or 2 person full size indoor sauna room has everything you need for a relaxing time after work. Two foldable chairs, LED reading light, Large anti-slip mat included. Note:

There is no heating foot pad

(New Design) Three transparent windows design gives an whole open view, and the front removable window ca

opened directly to breathe fresh air when you feel uncomfortable, LED reading lamp allows you read when you enjoy the sauna spa, double sided zippers for easy access out without difficulty

Full Size Infrared Sauna Home SPA Indoor

PrecioDesde 545,06$
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