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How does it work?

SemaGold works by mimicking a natural hormone called GLP-1. This incretin hormone plays an active role in your digestion and appetite. Incretins, hormones released by your digestive tract, are sent out after you’ve eaten a meal. They help control blood sugar spikes, lower blood sugar, and slow down how quickly food leaves your stomach, allowing you to feel full longer. For many people, this can be the help they need to reduce their calorie intake to start losing weight and becoming healthier. Our goal, at Neko Rose & Co., is to limit these side-effects with a commonsense approach to SemaGold. Generally, for your first month, we will start you at a lower dose of SemaGold to allow your body to get used to it and then increase the dose, if needed monthly. The goal is for you to start losing weight with little to no nausea!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to take the next step to get healthy and change your life, we are here and ready to help you! What is your health worth?

SEMAGOLD (90 Days)

  • In studies, average weight loss is around 15%! That is a substantial amount of weight and life changing for most people. While we do not guarantee this amount of weight loss, because there are many external factors that go into your success, we have seen this type of success in our clinic in a fairly short amount of time.

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