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Get Bodied with Neko Rose & Co.  our new non-surgical, no down time body contouring services; 4D Laser Lipo, 4D Ultrasonic Cavitation, Brazilian Butt Lift, Cellulite Blaster, Hour Glass Body Wraps, Strawberry Laser Lipo. Schedule your FREE Consultation Now!

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Pastor A Rivers

My experience at NekoRose Beauty Lounge was phenomenal!! Neko took her time with the training and explained everything to me. She answered all of my questions and provided me with tips and information to help me excel in my business.

This has been the fourth or fifth training that I have taken with Neko, but the first in person class. I recommend her for all of your body contouring needs. She is personable, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about her craft! I will definitely be taking more courses from her!!


Marsha Thomas

Top notch and very genuine!! Also very knowledgeable, passionate about her craft, and very honest


Lerlitha Smith

Excellent customer service. Neko is very knowledgeable and caring. I realized previous similar service was not being performed properly after the thorough and detailed service that was given. She is honest and upfront about expectations. I highly recommend services.

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