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Derma Pen Lip Blush

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The Neko Rose Lip Blush Course is a highly effective training program that will walk you through everything you need to know to perform semi-permanent lip blush using lip pigments with the derma micro-needle pen. You will learn all about pre-care, post-care, and procedure skills and methods. What separates this procedure from your standard PMU lip procedure is that this technique offers a more natural looking lip by simply bringing lost pigment back to the lips. It does not create the total coverage and defined or expanded vermillion boarders that PMU can offer. This procedure can be marketed to a larger audience for its affordable price point, less painful using the punch method f or pigment infusion, quick healing and quick appointment time. This is the perfect service for women who have lost that natural pinkish hue to their lips and for those with very thin skin lips that carry an unwanted grayish/bluish tone, and now we can offer them the perfect solution to add back that loss pinkish/ peach undertone.

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